Meet the startups that will present cases in the Health Connections 2021 schedule:


AI Medical in a glance MICA AI Medical develops a digital health automatic decision support system that supports the radiologists and oncologists. MICA uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine learning) to develop decision-support platform for the Breast Cancer prevention arena, brings a holistic solution in collaboration with the SHEBA Hospital and The ARC Innovation Center.

optix imagens médicas

Software company for teleradiology and online medical reports.


StarGrid is a platform for automatic management of work schedules with the use of AI. We make work schedules more dynamic and effective. We automate processes, promoting improvement in the efficiency of working hours, increasing work quality and increasing employee satisfaction. We reduced operating costs and work time complications, reflecting a reduction in turnover, absenteeism, overtime, bank hours, legal liabilities and time waste in general. We allow the scaling of the scales and soon the scaling of the scales based on demand with AI


We are a management platform for medical image reports, with artificial intelligence tools and an embedded multilateral marketplace.

Fix it

Fix it is a startup that develops innovative solutions in 3D technology, serving joint immobilizations and surgical planning. With a range of more than 25 solutions in our portfolio and present throughout the national territory and in 8 more countries, Fix it has been breaking paradigms in Orthopedics / Rheumatology and Neurology. With thousands of patients seen, the main objective is to popularize the technology and make it accessible to most of the global population, and consequently reduce the use of non-renewable material (plaster) in medical and hospital services with regard to joint immobilization , and gradually replace the plaster of this routine.


Founded in 2010, RADLogics is a healthcare software company that develops AI-Powered solutions that support image analysis to improve radiologists’ accuracy and productivity while enhancing patient outcomes. Based in New York, NY and Tel Aviv, Israel, we are one of the pioneers in using AI & machine learning image analysis and advanced big data analytics to search and analyze imaging data to help reduce diagnostics turnaround time from hours to minutes by automating detection and report generation functions. Our patented AI medical image analysis platform enables rapid development and deployment of AI algorithms, and provides seamless integration into existing and customized radiology workflows.

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