Meet the startups that will present cases in the Health Connections 2021 schedule:



StarGrid is a platform for automatic management of work schedules with the use of AI. We make work schedules more dynamic and effective. We automate processes, promoting improvement in the efficiency of working hours, increasing work quality and increasing employee satisfaction. We reduced operating costs and work time complications, reflecting a reduction in turnover, absenteeism, overtime, bank hours, legal liabilities and time waste in general. We allow the scaling of the scales and soon the scaling of the scales based on demand with AI.



We are a management platform for medical image reports, with artificial intelligence tools and an embedded multilateral marketplace.


Fix it

Fix it is a startup that develops innovative solutions in 3D technology, serving joint immobilizations and surgical planning. With a range of more than 25 solutions in our portfolio and present throughout the national territory and in 8 more countries, Fix it has been breaking paradigms in Orthopedics / Rheumatology and Neurology. With thousands of patients seen, the main objective is to popularize the technology and make it accessible to most of the global population, and consequently reduce the use of non-renewable material (plaster) in medical and hospital services with regard to joint immobilization , and gradually replace the plaster of this routine.

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Data Science Group

Data Science Group (DSG) is an independent global AI Center of Excellence, offering a rapid application development platform for early Detection of Patient Deterioration using Clinical Data, and various end-to-end AI-based solutions. Furthermore, DSG provides a solution for AI governance, AI versioning, AI monitoring, and AI performance management in research and production environments.

DSG has over six years of proven experience developing various machine-learning and AI-based systems for global brands. DSG is a multidisciplinary group of over 30 data science leading researchers and entrepreneurs with cross-industry experience in healthcare, finance, cyber, retail, and energy, developing and maintaining AI models from vision to production.

Among DSG's customers are Taboola, NICE, Kryon, Fabric, Merck, ISA, Sheba Hospital, Double Verify, Trax, CyberProof, Cloudyn, Elbit, Visa, StoreDot, Solaredge, Pelephone, MedAware, Emedgene, GemmaCert, FDNA, Yes, UST-Global (USA), Newcrest (Australia), and many more. Among DSG's business partners are EY, Oracle, Mastercard (global), and Amazon (AWS).

DSG has successfully developed over 60 AI-based products which were implemented in production environments for various companies, from startups to multinationals corporates in diverse domains such as Fin-Tech, Med-Tech, High-tech, Ad-Tech, Industry 4.0, and more.

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Virusight Diagnostic is a Joint venture between Sheba medical center and Newsight Imaging. Virusight is an AI company, that uses unique spectral acquisition and analysis technology for pathogens diagnosis. The company is developing revolutionary COVID-19 rapid tests, based on Newsight Imaging’s spectral technology, that successfully identifies the virus in just one second! With a high correlation to PCR, this technology is a real game-changer for immediate testing.



Manuel is the first digital assistant who speaks, monitors and listens to young people of the third age. It uses wearable resources, bio-signal collection, and a state-of-the-art cognitive engine, capable of investigating health in a natural, continuous and non-invasive way - an extension of the doctor at home.


Through simple conversations and analysis of the data collected daily from the patient, Manuel makes decisions and intervenes so that people take the right attitudes for the benefit of their health: enabling early detection, immediate intervention and continuous monitoring.

Manuel provides unprecedented results for real-time treatment of patients, regardless of what affects them.

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Mindify integrates with Electronic Patient Records (PEP) from hospitals and clinics to complement them with forms that are truly easy to use, self-explanatory and able to support decision making. General health professionals gain time and simplified access to skills previously restricted to the best specialists, while managers manage to coordinate care on a large scale and obtain improvements in the financial margins of their health services.


All of this is possible because, unlike the PEP, Mindify engages and guides the assistance teams in such a way that the clinical data resulting from their daily lives become properly structured, validated and more complete.

Data in this quality are unprecedented and enable services capable of revolutionizing Health, such as automation of bureaucracies and team supervision, as well as enabling indicators and even new and cheaper Artificial Intelligence models necessary for the new era of digital Health.



MEDT is a B2B solution for the hospital surgical area. Focused on the relationship between hospitals and surgeons, it allows the simplification of contact between the parties, reducing communication time, and bringing greater transparency and organization in the surgical scheduling processes.


MEDT also brings tools that assist in the analytical view of surgeries for the hospital, allowing teams to make more accurate and efficient decisions.


MEDT intends to invest in fronts that make it increasingly the main surgical management tool for decision making in the hospital.


Among the fronts we can mention the application of Machine Learning and Business Intelligence for supplier management, beds among other predictions, closer and direct contact with the patient, in addition to fronts that allow a better end-to-end experience in the process for surgeons.


Currently, MEDT is present in 7 hospitals, highlighting the partnership with Rede D'Or, the largest hospital chain in Brazil.

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Datos Health

Datos Health facilitates the increasing transition of care from hospitals and clinics to the home. A robust and flexible automated remote care platform, the user-friendly yet cost-effective Datos solution enables any hospital department to rapidly and seamlessly deploy new remote care processes and workflows. Datos’ agnostic platform enables care delivery across any clinical condition, device, patient profile, and treatment protocol, and helps health systems realize the potential of patient-generated data through strong patient engagement.

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Bio-XL Ltd

Bio-XL is an Israeli biotech startup company. Bio-XL develops cancer therapy to Pancreatic cancer (PDAC) and Tri-Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) based on Klotho technology. Bio-XL also develops a diagnostic test method for early detection of cancer. Klotho is a naturally occured hormone that has an important role in controlling cell metabolism. Analysis of cancer cells showed that Klotho expression is silenced; leading to low level (or absence) comparing to normal tissues. The basis for the products is the work of Prof. Ido Wolf and his team in Sheba Medical center and Tel Aviv Medical center. Bio-XL has the license for Klotho technology for cancer therapy and diagnosis. Bio-XL is a member of ARC, innovation at Sheba Medical center.

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Entelai offers artificial intelligence services for the health sector. In particular, we use Deep Learning algorithms to support decision making in neuroradiology, chest radiology and mammography. We are allies of doctors when it comes to offering a better and more efficient service to their patients.



Biosens is a scientific and technological based company that aims to bring disruptive technologies to the market in order to transform healthcare. The company operates in the perspective of decentralizing the performance of laboratory diagnostic tests and thus impacting the agility of medical decision-making.

To make this a reality, Biosens has extensive technological knowledge and proprietary technology that makes use of a combination of advanced and disruptive technologies, such as IoT, microfabrication, bionanotechnology, graphene and crispr, to bring to the market medical devices that can transform health care.



Brain4care is a Brazilian startup that was born from a disruptive innovation: it is the first technology in the world capable of non-invasively monitoring the volume / pressure variations inside the skull, also known as intracranial compliance (CIC). CIC is an indicator of neurological health and its impairment leads to brain dysfunction, which are the leading cause of disability and the second leading cause of death in the world *. The use of brain4care technology in a multimodal context allows doctors and teams to improve the relevance of care and patient safety, providing additional information that qualifies the diagnosis, guides the therapy and indicates the evolution of neurological disorders. The purpose of brain4care is to challenge the limits of medicine to experience stories of health and happiness. Its mission is to reduce the pain and suffering of millions of people by establishing a new vital sign, accessible to everyone and anywhere. Brain4care was accelerated by Singularity University in 2017 and chosen from more than 500 candidates from around the world. In addition, she was a finalist at the Global Grand Challenge Awards by Singularity University, through the use of exponential technologies to positively impact people's lives on a global scale and had her technology exposed at Exponential Medicine in 2017 and 2019. She was also the winner of the INOVA award Health 2017, from ABIMO. In 2018, it was named in the ranking ‘100 Startups to Watch 2018’, a study by the magazines PEGN and Época Negócios. In 2019, brain4care won Startups Anahp, from the Brazilian Association of Private Hospitals. In 2020, it received clearance from the FDA (510k) for the commercialization of wired technology in the American territory.



Integrated clinical and genetic data is essential for realizing the vision of precision medicine drug discovery. Geneyx provides the best clinical genetics analysis and interpretation platform, creating a global data lake, to ultimately making discoveries that will lead to im-proved patient care.


Essence SmartCare

Essence SmartCare, part of the Essence Group, develops pioneering Health & Care platforms for market-leading healthcare and senior care providers, enabling smart preventive care and emergency response so seniors can live life to the fullest –with total peace of mind. Partnering with Essence SmartCare helps position companies as progressive, forward-thinking and in touch with the need to enable elderly and vulnerable people to lead more independent and safer lives.

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Pickcells is a startup that is part of the Porto Digital Technology Park, in Recife. We operate in three areas:


1- Clinical analysis, where we use artificial intelligence and an automated microscope, developed by us, to identify patterns in clinical analysis tests, automating the tests that are done with optical microscopy;


2- Data Sciences, developing specific solutions in the health area, such as the laboratory test parameters analyzer, and;


3- Pathology and histology, where we are developing a scanner and artificial intelligence to identify cancer in the exams.


Gesher Trade

Gesher Trade is a company that was born to build bridges. Our purpose is to build connections between people and companies, from Brazil and Israel.


Israel, The Startup Nation, is a world reference in technology and development, especially in the health area. On the other hand, Brazil is a giant in the areas of services and consumption.


The role of Gesher Trade, from the Hebrew “bridge to negotiations”, is to be the link between these two great nations.


We open doors, connect people and realize great ideas.



CONCEPTMED is a company focused on Disruptive Technologies with customized solutions, making assistance and health management more intelligent, efficient and sustainable.


We use Telemedicine consoles, Telepresence Robots and Biosensors to bring patients, families and health professionals closer together in the management of chronic diseases and care for the elderly.


We believe in the transformative power of technology to promote more humanized Medicine, reducing hospital admissions and decreasing costs.


Anestech Innovation Rising

A Anestech é uma Healthtechs fundada em 2012, com a missão de identificar gaps em que a tecnologia pudesse interferir positivamente na promoção de um objetivo claro e continuamente almejado: tornar o procedimento cirúrgico mais seguro ao paciente, aumentando a eficiência da equipe médica.


Desenvolvedora do AxReg, um aplicativo disponibilizado gratuitamente para os anestesiologistas, que elimina o papel e a caneta de sua atividade profissional, assim como entrega informações relevantes sobre o paciente e plano operatório em apenas alguns cliques, podendo avançar até um dashboard dinâmico na versão paga.


Sediada em Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, a empresa é hoje referência em tecnologia e inovação em anestesiologia e análise de dados, e impacta o dia a dia de aproximadamente 3.000 anestesiologistas de todo o Brasil.

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Optix has expertise for 12 years in the area of teleradiology, acting in the flow of medical image management, such as X-ray, tomography, among others. When the radiology exam is performed, the image is automatically taken to a server and entered into the company's software.


Based on this knowledge, at the beginning of the pandemic, the startup managed in record time to develop a new system dedicated to telemedicine, in which specialist doctors consult remotely, in places that previously did not offer access to certain specialties. This type of assistance has been relevant during the pandemic and offers, for example, access to infectologists for the detection and treatment of COVID-19.


The technology

The development of software for telemedicine arose from a need by L2D TELEMEDICINA, Optix's business partner, to offer to a doctor who is in a health unit in a certain region of the country, for example, to be able to consult a specialist doctor from anywhere from Brazil for assistance during patient care. “With the coronavirus, L2D technology has grown and today it is in more than 100 points of telemedicine and with an average of 5,000 visits / month. For this reason, we were asked to develop the software for telemedicine with more features, such as reports, quality control, information security and adequate the General Data Protection Law, among others ”, emphasizes Volkmann.


L2D offers teleconsulting in several medical specialties, including neurology, cardiology, pediatrics, nutrology, infectology and pneumology. The software developed by Optix is already operating in Goiás, Amazonas, Tocantins, São Paulo, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, Minas Gerais, Federal District, Paraná, Bahia and Espírito Santo. According to Volkmann, the technology differential is access to cutting-edge primary health care: “A doctor who is in a field hospital in Manaus, for example, manages to call an infectologist who is a reference, directly from São Paulo, so that this doctor participate by video in attendance ”.